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Attending a ceremony is an important step towards your healing!
However, attending a ceremony is not a quick fix as some people think. It takes a lot of courage to take this step and do your inner work.


Plant medicines can touch you on a deep level and change how you view the world forever. What actually happens during a journey is that plant medicines ensures that we are able to create new connections/pathways in our brain. And these new pathways ensures that we can change our behavior. We also say there is a life before attending a planting ceremony and a life afterwards. ​

The most important process actually takes place after you attend a ceremony, which we call integration. This is a process and takes time to achor the new pathways and for you to change behavior and brings the necessary challenges with it.



How are you going to integrate all those insights into your daily life? Tatjana can support you perfectly in this process through guidance and various methods of coaching. 

To prepare yourself well before attending a ceremony or incase you have other life questions you can of course also choose to book one or more coaching sessions.

There are various coaching techniques and instruments that Tatjana can apply. This includes Systemic Coaching, Transactional Analysis (TA), Situation, Task, Activity and Reaction model (STAR), the Golden Triangle, Rational Effectiveness Training (RET) and Voice Dialogue.

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