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Magic Truffle Retreats


Magic Truffles, what to expect?

Truffles are part of nature and symbolize reconnecting with our own nature: heart, soul or source.This is the place where healing takes place. All the answers are within you.

Magic truffles are sclerotia, the roots of the fungus that grow under the ground between the hyphae – also known as mycelium. Just like the mushroom, magic truffles also contain the potent ingredient psilocybin which is responsible for making you experience a “trip”.


A ceremony with truffles has an effect on various levels, namely physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Because you gain access to a deeper layer in your consciousness, you experience certain themes and issues from a different perspective or consciousness.

You may receive insight or answers to specific questions. This can be extremely healing and has an impact on your daily life. Truffles are able to address deep issues, far beyond what is possible just by talking about it.

It is said that one session represents 10 years of psychotherapy.

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Benefits of a Truffle Retreat (ceremony)

Everyone experiences a ceremony in their own way and every ceremony is therefore a unique experience.
Depending on what is going on in your life, you will gain insight into questions or themes that play a role in your life.

Attending a ceremony is an important step towards your healing. However, attending a ceremony is not a quick fix as some people think.

It takes a lot of courage to take this step and do your inner work.

Plant medicines can touch you on a deep level and change how you view the world forever.

The truffle will show you exactly what you need at this moment on your unique life path. To get an idea of the impact of the magic truffle and what a truffle ceremony can bring, some examples below:

  • Gaining new insights and answers

  • Process major events

  • Getting in touch with your emotional world

  • Getting more into the heart

  • Clarifying your life/soul mission

  • Gain insight into mental and physical complaints

  • Getting in touch with the inexhaustible source of love

  • Insight into universal laws

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Saftey First! You cannot participate when:

  • You use medication that cannot be combined, such as:

    • antibiotics,

    • antidepressants (psilocybin and SSRI/SNRI possible)

    • medication for ADHD/ADD,

    • stomach complaints

    • heart problems or high blood pressure;

  • ​If you have or in the past had dealt with:

    • psychoses

    • schizophrenia

    • borderline

    • indication that you have a predisposition for the above

  • ​You are allergic to mold;

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding;

  • You have used any (soft)drugs or alcohol in the last 14 days.

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You must be 18 years or older!

In order to ensure a safe and responsible ceremony, it is important to assess your overall healthstatus n advance.
The use of magic truffles is legal in the Netherlandsand 100% safe in most cases, but in some cases it is not advisable to use truffles.

Completing this intake form is mandatory before you can participate in our ceremony.


This screening is used to determine whether participation is safe and responsible. It is intended to exclude contraindications and we use it as a basis to advise and prepare you as best as possible. This form will be deleted after your participation.

By completing the intake we assume that you are honest about your situation and take your own safety seriously. There is no point in completing the intake if you meet one or more of the  requirements mentioned in the contraindications section. 
If you have any doubts about medication or other questions, please contact us.


After receiving the intake form, we will contact you by telephone to go through the details. We will send you some additional information so that you can prepare for the truffle ceremony as best as possible.

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Preperation & After Care

A strict diet is not necessary.
We do recommend that you eat as healthily as possible (plant-based) 5 days before the ceremony.
No coffee, alcohol, absolutely no drugs and preferable no meat.
You can have a light breakfast at home 3 to 4 hours before the start of the ceremony.

Try to find peace, meditate and (re)connect with nature prior to the ceremony and afterwards. Also it is good to be thoughtful with your (sexual) energy.

Avoid stressful situations, crowdy places. and make sure you get enough sleep the night before..

Drink plenty of water and if possible, take a few days of rest after the ceremony.

Our care for you does not end after the ceremony.
We stay for you available if you have questions as we believe it is important to provide the right psychological aftercare.
Participating in a ceremony can sometimes bring up difficult parts.
You may also notice that there are still some things going on in the days or weeks after the ceremony that you cannot place properly, or that you would like to talk about again.
We are happy to help you process and integrate your experiences.

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Our Approach

The magic truffel ceremonies are facilitated in a safe and therapeutic setting. 

We start at 11am and end the day at 8pm and the day is fully catered. 
The most important part is of course the journey with the truffles, but just as important to us is creating a safe setting, so that the body and the heart can relax completely and the truffle can sink to the core of your soul.

Optimal preparation

We start the day with a short introduction, follwed by a sharing circle to set intentions. 
You will have the opportunity to receive Rapé, a tobacco-based nasal snuff originating from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest. Medicine that helps to ground and calm your mind.

In addition, we prepare you optimally for the journey through meditation. This way you can relax and start the ceremony with confidence.

After the journey, we serve a light meal, there is the opportunity to share your experiences and you will receive tips for integration.

Although you can drive yourself home after the ceremony, our advice; have yourself picked up and dropped off or book an overnight stay nearby.

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