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Meet Tanja


Hello and welcome!

Hi I am Tanja, 36 years old and you can meet me as your guide, when you participate in one of the group ceremonies.

I live with my two kids (9 and 11), my 14 year old dog (and a lot of chickens) in the countryside of Geffen.

During my own search I came into contact with the truffle and that changed everything! (and believe me, as a village girl this was wayyyy out of my comfort zone).

I have been working as a school social worker in special education for over 13 years, where I am the link between the family, education and external assistance.

Since March 2023 I have had my own webshop and card label with cards, posters, etc. named and you can found my label in various shops


I can describe myself as down to earth with common sense and a whiff spirituality 😉. The perfect match. I stand with both feet on the ground, but I also believe that there is so much more than we can see with our unaided eye and which can help us move forward on our path.

What else you want to know about me:

  • I laugh the hardest at my own jokes

  • I get up every morning around 5:30 am to go for an hour of walking. A moment for myself before the hustle and bustle of the day begins and the world wakes up

  • I like a drink, a dance and a party every now and then (and I can never go home)

  • I always say; “kan niet bestaat niet"

Since 2024, I have been helping Tatjana as a guide during her group ceremonies.

I do this with a lot of love because the plant medicine (and Tatjana) are truly fantastic!

I truly encourage and wish everyone to let go and create space for new things.

Very grateful that this has come my way and that I can work with Tatjana to guide many people in their process and during their inner journey. It is such a beautiful, special world.


Hopefully I can meet you one day during one of the ceremonies.

Lots of love Tanja

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