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Kundalini Healing


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini (the coiled)

Kundalini is feminine cosmic energy that lies dormant in our body - coiled like a snake - at the bottom of our spine, to be precise in our base or root chakra.

Without this essential energy there is no life.

It is said that this energy is present in us long before we are born. The spiritual awakening of a person begins when Kundalini awakens.

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Healing Session, what to expect?

We start the session with smudging; the spiritual and energetic cleansing of persons, spaces or objects. During the healing session Tatjana can use crystals, sacred geometry, yantras, mandalas and Navapashanam medicine.

She will focus on clearing possible blockages, which can be mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual in nature.

With these pure, natural and powerful tools in combination with tapping into the healing and cosmic energies of the Sanjaveeni Shakti, Tatjana can help you and support you in your healing process.

The session can be given both physically and remotely. There are no limitations in time or distance. In the case of a remote session (upon request only), online contact will always take place first.

The protocols for an online or physical session are identical. This means that a new grid is built up per person and per session.

Duration of a session varies between 60-120 minutes.

Your investment: € 125,00 per hour

On-site: Vught or Den Bosch.

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Reiki & Siddha Initiations

In addition to being initiated into the 1st degree of the Usui system of natural healing according to the guidelines of the Dutch Association of Reiki Masters (N.V.R.M.) in 2001, Tatjana has also received a Shaktipat initiation from the Siddha tradition, from Siddha master Dani in 2022.

With this initiation, Tatjana has activated Kundalini Shakti and

Sanjaveeni Shakti.

Through this sacred initiation process, Tatyana is privileged to became part of the more than 5,000 ancient Siddha lineage.
A unique and rare healing system, based on ancient esoteric knowledge.

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