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Our Mission & Our Vison

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Our Mission 

Help you in your process to (re)find your bliss.

We do this by facilitating a safe, loving and and therapeutic environment so that you can fully discover yourself, heal and regain your strength and full potential.

Only when the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects are in balance, you can you live a blissful life and find joy and happiness.

Are you tired? Do you experience stress, burnout complaints and/or discomfort? Are you open to insights? Are you looking for your life mission?

Or do you have another request for help?

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you (re)find your bliss.

Groot boeddhabeeld op de top van de Fansipan-berg

Our Holistic Vison

The word 'holism' is derived from the Greek holos and stands for 'the whole'.
According to the holistic perspective you are a unity: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and from this perspective we also look at humans as a whole.

All these aspects are connected.

In today's society such a great disbalance has arisen as well in our way of life that many people are ill or are at risk of becoming ill. This imbalance can be related to one or more of the above aspects.

From our perspective, stress, burnout complaints, tiredness and other sometimes inexplicable illnesses arise from an energetic imbalance within ourselves.

Absenteeism due to illness among employees continues to rise every year!
Healthy and natural food, spending time in nature, living with the seasons, ensuring that your heart, head and gut brain are in line with each other, are a number of basic steps for a healthier life and ultimately a healthier society. You are the medicine!

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