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Magic Truffle Psilocybin Retreats I Join us on a magical journey

We are specialized in facilitating Magic Truffle psilocybin retreats, in a safe, loving and therapeutic setting.

Private one-on-one sessions or duo session as well composed groups can also be booked.

We also offer various types of coaching what can help you prepare for participation or during the integration period. Of course we are also happy to assist you with other life questions.

To make participation possible for everyone, we have various rates based on income. We rely on your sincerity to purchase the right ticket that matches your income.

We look forward to meeting you

With love, Tatjana and team Blissful



De begeleiding door Tatjana was enorm prettig (en nog, zo na de ceremonie in het integratieproces). Setting was erg fijn, openheid en liefdevol. 


Ben erg dankbaar voor deze geweldige ervaring en mooie unieke reis die ik heb mogen ervaren onder haar professionele begeleiding.



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